Today there are some many ways to listen your favorite music.You can download your tunes on your ipad, your smart phone, or your computer. But back in the day there were records and then the popular "eight track tapes".


Today, believe it or not, is "Eight-Track Tape Day".Having an eight track player was like having your home stereo in your car without the turntable. You could listen to your tunes when you wanted to.

My brother had a home/car eight track unit. He could pull out the eight track player in the car and just slide it into the one in the house. Our favorite eight track, the soundtrack from the movie "Woodstock".

I had friends who had two or three, maybe more cases especially made to store you eight tracks.

Just for fun, if you're old enough to have had eight track tapes, show one to your kids and see if they know what it is.