I certainly hope this is the last one of these I have to write for a while, but we'll see. Here's what I saw driving across Lubbock at around 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.


My travel takes me from around the airport/Loves Truck Stop/Country Club area at the intersection of I-27 and Loop 289. Today, I mixed it up and took Ave. Q down to 19th, down I-127 to the South Loop, then the Quaker off ramp and headed up to 82nd St. This is a fairly large sample of the roads in the Hub City, and here's what I know.

The further I traveled, the more disappointed I got. So let's just get that out there.


Ave. Q doesn't appear to have been touched (at least on the north side of town; that pile of snow looks to have been made by the restaurant). From 19th St. back up to the Interstate was bad. But the really scary thing is Interstate and The Loop.

The Interstate looks clean, but there are some really slippery spots, especially on and under overpasses. As I got closer to the South Loop overpass (which, for me, is the most dangerous overpass in Lubbock because it's a quick rise), there were giant random patches and piles of snows -- almost as if that plows gave up as they were leaving town.

The Loop was very much a similar experience, but it isn't as clean as the Interstate. (Tip: One thing you should always do is respect the truckers out there. If they're going 25, there's a reason.)

As I was cruising down The Loop, I started getting angrier and angrier. Major streets like University, Indiana and Quaker appear untouched (how this is a strategy is beyond me).

Cars are still very apt to high center in these spots or rip out their oil pans from the gigantic chunks of ice. I'll save the complaining for another blog. (I have no problem with the people who busted their butts plowing. I do, however, have a problem with the people who didn't give the drivers adequate resources, help or time to get things done.)

In short, if you were off work yesterday, you probably should be off today. But we both know that is not going to happen. Interstate and The Loop conditions are poor, but may be fair as soon as the sun comes up. City streets are an embarrassment and many are still impassible for smaller cars. .

Lubbock snowstorm pictures