The Indiana State Fair Case continues to unfold with details from engineering experts saying that the metal rigging structure was not strong enough to withstand 68 mile an hour winds. I have worked dozens of concerts and can not remember one time that the rigging or structure was tested to withstand a certain amount of wind speed. Most stages are built, torn down and built again the same way sometimes three or more times a week, so it stands to reason if it works in one place, it should work in another, unless there was faulty rigging, or human error.
Engineers are saying that the wind speed hit 59 miles per hour from the storm that literally blew down the staging of a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair. Also questioned is the emergency procedures that may or may not have been in place at the time of the stage collapse. Fair executives say they have willingly put themselves "under the microscope" in hopes of preventing another tragedy like the one that happened at the Indiana State Fair.