On the "retro rack" is a country artist that hailed from of all places Brooklyn. Not only was Eddie Rabbitt a great singer, he was a pretty good songwriter as well.

He moved to Nashville in 1968. While trying to get his recording career started, he put food on the table by writing songs.

He wrote Elvis Presley's huge hit song "Kentucky Rain" and Ronnie Milsap's first big hit "Pure Love".

In 1975, Rabbitt finally got a recording contract with Electra Records. Starting a year later, he had recorded a string of Top Ten hits that ran into the 80's. In fact, he had 16 number one songs.

In 1997, Rabbitt was diagnosed with lung cancer and sadly a year later he passed away.

But, one of those number one songs came in 1980, "I Love A Rainy Night". Check out the picture of me and Eddie back in the day. It's one of my favorites.