So, how does a vegan(yours truly) judge a chili cook-off? By judging the desserts! Yummy! My Morning show co-host Rick Gilbert and I were asked to be judges for the Coronado High School Agriculture Training program's Chili Cook-off and fundraiser. Joining us a judges were some Coronado faculty members who couldn't say "no". And after all was sampled we were very glad we said "yes". An unbelievably scrumptious Carrot Cake with Butter Icing was my #1 dessert choice and the other judges agreed. And the judges agreed on this year's chili champ as well. It was Team Presley who happened to win the past two years as well! The best-decorated team table had a "Texas Christmas" theme complete with members wearing camouflage deer antlers.

It really was a slice of fun Americana and they raised about $500 in the silent auction alone! Congrats to a patient Mr. Wetsel who oversees the ag students, who not only raise and show various farm animals, but are involved in essay and public-speaking competitions among other events. These responsibilities give these teens a potentially great future. And all Rick and I had to do was EAT!