Now, it's safe to say "Lonestar's lead singer" instead of "Lonestar's FORMER lead singer" when you mention Richie McDonald. He and the group have joined forces again after five years apart and planning to tour and record a new album in 2012 to mark their 20th anniversary. The four original members of the group, McDonald, Dean Sams, Keech Rainwater and Michael Britt are planning a tour in Europe, February 26-March 4, to start with and other dates and locales to be announced later.


Lonestar was happy to have Richie back and he tells this site the feeling was mutual. "Dean, Michael, Keech and I got together and have decided we have some unfinished business to take care of. I miss those crazy nights running around onstage making music with my band of brothers. Looking forward to a new chapter in the book of Lonestar and reliving some old memories and also making some new ones for the fans that have been loyal to us through thick and thin." Here's one of my favorite Lonestar songs.