"Bones One Zero: Racing the Reaper in Iraq" is a powerful book written by US Army Flight Medic and Texan Reuben "Doc" Ryan about his time serving and saving lives.

The interview here, gives us an even more powerful look into the man, the author, who is a true and humble hero, who lived this and wrote it in a way that we all can understand.

According to the book, the story features "the adventures of a Dustoff Company in Iraq, told from a US Army Flight Medic's perspective and provides "a rare look into the life of a Dustoff unit and experience the highs, lows, and shenanigans that take place with high energy crews."

A former US Navy Seabee, Reuben "Doc" Ryan was released from active duty in 1994 after a knee injury. Over the next 11 years, he drove a long haul truck and built up his own trucking company.

But Ryan gave up his company and heeded the call to serve and to return to active duty, first as a Ranger and then as a Flight Medic. This remarkable story is told from the heart.

"Doc" Ryan became one of the oldest to survive Ranger Indoctrination and become a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

They flew, basically unarmed rescue missions with a big red cross on the side of their chopper, often times through enemy fire. It's because of the bravery described in this book that so many of our brave soldiers have been able to return home.

This interview is powerful and will blow you away. Here is a moving quote that I love and can bring you to tears, especially when you consider that such a positive message is coming from a man, a soldier, a doctor, a hero, who has seen so much.

"This is what we do...I've never found a more noble mission than the military. It's such a unique place, where everybody wants to be there and people want to make a difference because every moment counts in this life, every second you can shave off to help somebody else and our lives are too short," Ryan told me. "We need to take this and realize how precious every moment is and to laugh and have fun and prank each other, and work hard for each other..and work together, You'll be unstoppable, You can be tough, be a warrior,be a non-warrior, but just take care of each other, be kind to each other...and, you know everything's going to be okay."

You can see a tremendous excerpt of his book by following this link to "Bones One Zero."

This book is written to share the important stories that can help us here at home to understand what our brave men and women are facing overseas and how important their sacrifice is. The focus is on the humanity and the strong relationships and heroic actions that will inspire us.

There truly aren't enough words to express how moved I am by Doc Ryan's story and how thankful I am for his and our military's service and sacrifice. It is incredible to realize what he has been through and what our men and women in service bravely face everyday.

Listen to the other three parts of my interview with Reuben "Doc" Ryan below.