This past weekend country music icon, Johnny Cash, would have been 79 years old had he lived. I remember the day the man in black came to Littlefield Texas. It was for the "Denim Fest" on Labor Day weekend in 1995. Waylon Jennings, who was from Littlefield, would invited his friends to perform for folks in his hometown. That year Johnny and his wife June Carter Cash were the special guest.

I remember standing backstage waiting to go on and welcome everyone and bring on Cash. While waiting, here comes the man himself, getting off his tour bus and walking towards me. He was dressed in a white shirt and a black suit. His hair was snow white and it was like the pope arrived. We shook hands, exchanged small talk and then he went on stage. What I remember is how great he sounded. It was "AMAZING".

I know it was a short visit but it will be a visit I"ll never forget and it was pretty special.

On a side note, my morning partner, Jane Prince Jones and I, interviewed Waylon before the concert. I have a picture of the three of us in my office. Waylon did a short set despite feeling ill that day. I heard reports that he had gone to the emergency room at the hospital.

Meeting the "Man in Black" and the "Outlaw" Waylon. It was pretty cool.