I was able to get a complete list of all 9 runners names from Lubbock if you would like to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. What happened yesterday is just incredible in every sense of the word. It is very worrisome.

President Obama, I think, was careful about not calling it an act of terrorism yesterday in his address because I'm already speculating that the suspect in custody is not part of a target demo we might already be suspecting he/she to be associated with.

However, with the way that events over seas with North Korea have been escalating, people will also be speculating that it may have some kind of attachment to that.

I'm worried that people will begin to be so involved with blaming who's responsible and forget to reach out and help those who were affected. I'm also worried that in the search for someone to blame, proper steps of an investigation will not be taken.

Just don't forget to keep those who's lives will forever be changed by this event, who lost limbs, family members, and who will never be able to have the same life after yesterday. It is such a sad, sad thing. My prayers and heart go out to everyone involved.

Below is the list of Lubbock runners who were there in Boston to keep in your thoughts and prayers. All are reported to be safe, thank goodness for that!

Cheatwood, Dale Jr

Fisher, Eric

Hendley, Deb H

Moriearty, Tammy L

Pare, Paul W

Peikert, Brett

Rehwald, Jason & Megan

Tanui, Benjamin K.


Again, we only share these names to help share the news that these guys are from Lubbock and so you can keep them in your thoughts and prayers. While they are safe, they did witness and were apart of something tragic and will be traveling home with heavy hearts.

We hope they make it ALL the way home safely.