Reba McEntire is probably one of the most versatile performers out there. She has paired her vocal abilities with acting in both television and movies. She'll do the pilot for her new sitcom, "Malibu Country", in March. It's about a mother of three, who was recently divorced and is looking to start a new life for her kids in California. Her first television show "Reba" which ran from 2001-2007 on the WB(which became The CW later) was the #1 sitcom on that network when it was canceled. It did go into syndication with Lifetime but Reba tells "Country Weekly Magazine" it was all so premature. "I was not ready to leave, absolutely not. We had lots more stories to tell on the 'Reba' show, we were devastated." She added that there's a huge crowd response when she sings "I'm a Survivor" at her concerts, which was that television show's theme song. "The crowd goes nuts because they do love the 'Reba' TV show. And I thank them for that...It was just a great experience for all of us." Think we need to listen to that great song right now.