Raising Cane's here in Lubbock is saying thank you to the people who work hard everyday to shape the minds of our younger generations by offering them a FREE BOX COMBO!! Any staff working with kids in the education system is welcome to come enjoy a free meal today!

What an awesome deal! Raising Cane's has declared this 'Teacher Appreciation Week' and today from 3pm to close, ANYBODY with a school id badge or a paycheck stub that works for a school in Lubbock or local surrounding schools, INCLUDING college employees, can get a free box combo!

So that means teachers, principals, teacher's aids, lunch ladies/men, custodians, bus drivers, administration, and everything else in between! Come to either of the Raising Cane's locations today between 3pm and close and get a free meal.

You know my favorite thing about this is it's a great time to look back and reflect on all of the people in your life that have helped shape you and I know of a few teachers in my life that have impacted my life so positively and this has reminded me to stop and THANK THEM for it!

So thank your teachers! They work so hard for so many, they truly are a bunch of super heroes!