The WWE is coming to the United Supermarkets Area Saturday, Oct. 17. In honor of that, here's some of the most popular Professional Wrestlers from the state of Texas.

The Lone Star State has always been a hot bed for professional wrestling. World Class Championship Wresting with the Von Erichs exploded in the 80's.  "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Undertaker" are arguably two of the biggest names ever.

Then you have Dusty Rhodes, Tito Santana, Terry Funk and the late Eddie Guerrero, the list goes on and on and on.

Here's just some of the greatest Professional Wrestlers from Texas.



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    The Undertaker

    Mark Callaway, better known as "The Undertaker" is arguably the greatest professional wrestler to come from the state of Texas.  He's been in the WWE since 1990 and has been a headliner since the beginning. He gained a lot of attention for his early feud with "Ultimate Warrior".

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    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

    Steve James Anderson, better known as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is from Austin and went to college University Of North Texas.  Even though his tenure from the late 90's to early 2000's was relatively short compared to others like The Undertaker, but it was the most profitable era of the WWE's history.  Often called the "Attitude Era" ratings were through the roof and Steve Austin and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were at the top of their game.

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    Tito Santana

    Tito Santana was in the WWF for around 14 years and held the Intercontinental Championship and Tag-Team Championship.  He was a "good guy" his entire career and is arguably the greatest Latino Wrestler of all time. He was born in Mission, Texas and played football at West Texas A&M and went onto try out for the Kansas City Chiefs and also played for the BC Lions.

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    Dusty Rhodes

    Austin-native Dusty Rhodes, known as "The American Dream" is one of the most well-known wrestlers of all time.  He wrestled all over the world and is the father of Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) and Cody Rhodes. He was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2007 and he passed away in 2015.

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    Kevin Von Erich

    Kevin is the last surviving son of wrestler Fritz Von Erich. He had four brothers who wrestled, DavidKerryMike and Chris, as well as an older brother, Jack, Jr., who died in 1959.  He made his mark under his father's organization World Class Championship Wrestling. He wrestled barefoot and he and his brothers are credited with changing wrestling in the early 80's to a style that is still used today. He retired in the mid 90's after three brothers committed suicide.

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    Terry Funk

    Terry Funk was born in Indiana but he's known as a Texan got his start in Amarillo under his father Dory's NWA promotion.  He was known for his realistic promos and hardcore style. In his later years he made a name for himself with the younger generation in ECW where he had some extremely brutal and realistic matches. He and his brother Dory Funk Jr. were inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2008.

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    Eddie Guerrero

    Born in El Paso, Texas, Guerrero was an massively popular wrestler in both WCW and WWE. His popularity peaked when he beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship in 2004.  He had a very memorable feud with Rey Mysterio in 2005.  Then tragedy struck, he was found by his nephew Chavo Guerrero unresponsive in his hotel room in Minneapolis, MN. He apparently died of a heart attack that was linked to heart disease.