There are some wonderful entertainment events going on in Lubbock leading up to Valentine's Day, Tuesday. There's everything from theater to music venues to the movies. You can take advantage of new plays opening Friday. One, at CATS Theatre at 34th and University brings back a classic comedy, "You Can't Take It with You". Another comedy at Texas Tech, "Humble Boy" will open Sunday.

If you're into music check out the acoustic sessions going on at Triple Js in the Depot district. Friday it's Aaron Collier and Shelton Rohrling entertains Saturday. At Buca's, 50th and University Friday night is Midnight Express and Saturday catch the fabulous fiddling of Tina Turner performing along with Curtis McBride.

And, if you haven't heard David Gaschen in performance, you've missed a real treat. The Lubbock native has sung all over the world and known for performing in "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway.He'll be at the Cactus Theater in the Depot district Saturday night with a "Songs of Love" concert. Valentine's celebrations continue thru next Tuesday where the Cactus presents their annual "For Lovers Only" concert and at Triple Js across the street Brad Etheridge performs Tuesday. Check out this video of David Gaschen singing the theme from "Phantom of the Opera"--excellent!