'Tip Your Waitresses!' is a common closing line for comedians. Know why? Because waitressing and delivering can be two of the most un-gratifying jobs out there. Just like in this story. Poor kid was only tipped 10 bucks to deliver EIGHTY FIVE pizzas!

Yup. A customer of this deliver fellow's place of work ordered 85 pizzas to be delivered. His friend posted the picture and the story to Reddit, which ignited a reign of comments firing off in his support and defense.

The total of this bill as you can see was: $1,453.93 and left only a measly $10 tip to the delivery guy who brought them all in one trip and all by himself.

Granted tipping even just 10% of that bill would have been around $145, Blake still thinks he should have received more than 10 bucks for loading, the trip there, and unloading.

Pretty crazy. How much would you have tipped him to deliver 85 pizza's to your house?