Blake ran Amy Lee all around Lubbock today to greet shoppers who took advantage of Black Friday sales. So as we unwind from the rush of Thanksgiving and the smell of burning plastic (Blake reminds you to use paper not plastic), it's a night for a crackling fire and some relaxing with the family.

Blake is sending Amy Lee back out again tomorrow to tell you where the best deals are and would love you to stop on out and say, "Howdy". Blake thought about doing some early Christmas shopping today, but he ate so much turkey that he ankles are swollen and he can't get his cowboy boots off, yup he slept in 'em last night.

As for tonight, put another log on the fire, put your feet up and enjoy the long Holiday weekend and make sure to tune in tomorrow to find out where Amy's going to be and if you do stop out to see her, take her a cookie...she loves chocolate chip!

Best way to unwind after Black Friday