It's been a few years, actually 1990, since a Pekingese won the "Best in Show" prize at the annual Westminster Kennel Club show in New York City. This year was a winning year for a Pekingese named "Malachy". He's had his share of success in other competitions with the four year old winning his 115th overall best in show title. This year at the Madison Square Garden show Malachy beat out a Dalmation, a German shepherd, a Doberman pinscher, an Irish setter, a Kerry blue terrier and a Wire-haired Dachshund. Fans cheered as Malachy took the top prize.

No money for the top prize, but just the prestige alone goes a long way in future breeding of this little stud. It was his confident, happy gait that captured the judge's decision. And it's his wonderful hair that captured the public's heart. Check out this video taken from a television screen. Malachy's nickname could be "Adorable"!