The 2013 ACM Awards aired a couple of commercials that had Country gals drooling just a little bit. (and by a little bit, I mean a lot!) Wrangler, if you didn't know, is now endorsed by not just The King- George Strait, but also Jason Aldean! Wanna oogle at the commercials again? You can inside!

I know the more mature crowd of ladies are ALL OVER George Strait in some tight Wranglers! Well, good news for the younger generation: Wrangler now has eye candy for you, too!

Jason Aldean now has an AWESOME live in-concert type commercial for Wrangler jeans and OH MY!

I'll stop talking now because odds are, any gal who read the title just clicked passed all of this and is already enjoying the video. If you ARE reading this...what are you waiting for!? Check it out!