The first lady, Michelle Obama, in her campaign to combat childhood obesity, has joined forces with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to create "My Plate" which replaces the traditional Food Pyramid.  The change simplifies what's needed in a nutritious meal.  The plate has four different sections.  This website shows half the plate is made up of fruits and vegetables and the other half is proteins and grains. A dairy drink is alongside the plate.
I would imagine fast food restaurants who cater to children might have a hard time fitting those burgers and fries in those sections.  And that's probably why they are trying to offer better nutrition and we are seeing alternate menu items like apples instead of fries and leaner burgers. If I have to replace fries with something a little more nutritious, I wish they'd offer broccoli with cheese. How about you? What healthier item would you order with your burger instead of fries?