This morning as I walked about at Buffalo Springs Lake, I saw twenty two deer. Seventeen of the them were white tails grazing down below the dam on the southeast side of the lake. I spotted five mule deer going up the canyon side just west of the dam. The mule deer ears are hilarious to see, especially on the little ones! One of our frequent visitors is a squatty little bird, the black crowned night heron. I saw this trio on the upper end near the shore. We have several "fishermen" out here at the lake. I spotted both the blue heron and osprey flying above the surface of the lake perusing for that good catch. Later I spotted the osprey with a fish in it's talons that appeared to be about 10" in length as he flew by.

You just never know what you will see hiking out at Buffalo Springs Lake! Y'all come!

- Jim Madewell