The Ohio State marching band is becoming famous around the world because of a recording of one of their recent performances! This show is INSANE! If you were in marching band ever or even just have an appreciation for the talent, then you HAVE TO SEE THIS!

I performed in marching band from 8th grade in Junior High all the way into College. So when I caught this video on YouTube the other day, I was blown away! True it’s no drum corp. professional marching band performance, but who cares! This is one of the most entertaining half time shows I’ve ever seen!

I call it a ‘Gamer’s Delight’ performance because it features faces and games of the most famous kind including, Pokemon, Tetras, Halo, Super Mario, and more! And YES. They do have two people dressed up as Mario and Luigi running around out there performing, too!

It’s awesome. Just give ‘em some love and check it out: