Talk about your slumps! Movie attendance this weekend was lower than the weeks following Nine Eleven, according to this site, but there was a winner. Taking in 13.7 million dollars at the box office puts "New Year's Eve" the number one movie this weekend. The movie, directed by Garry Marshall who also directed "Pretty Woman" and "Valentine's Day", is cast with a mix of celebs from Zach Efron to Michelle Pfeiffer to Ashton Kutcher. Efron tells the Associated Press that he's worked with Pfeiffer before on "Hairspray" and had a terrific crush on her. He says he kept putting his foot in his mouth and "everything just came out wrong". But this film is different in that he's much more comfortable and even got a kissing scene. Look for a wild smorgasbord of actors in the holiday film Halle Berry, Josh Duhamel, Hilary Swank, and even Jon Bon Jovi. Rounding out the top five in this weekend's films are #2: "The Sitter", #3: "The Twilight Saga" #4: "The Muppets" and #5: "Arthur Christmas". So if you decide to shell out some entertainment dollars this weekend, consider the top movie. Here's the trailer.