I KNOW there's a huge following of this show here in Lubbock. I know because I am also an avid fan of the show. So if you missed the FOUR AND A HALF MINUTE preview, debuted at Comic Con, then worry not my friends! Blake has your back!

Season 3 ended suddenly with the death of Merle and Andrea, the disappearance of the CRAZY "Governor", and the uniting of the Woodbury citizens and Rick's prison clan.

Busting straight into season 4 and the new trailer, there's going to be a lot of action, obstacles, mystery, (if you haven't read the graphic novel already) and loss.... :(

Someone is out to get revenge on Rick. My money is on the Governor from Woodbury. He's really the only one left with motive to attack the prison or want them to suffer. What do you think?

I think we're looking to see the loss of Carol, now that she's become important enough for the loss to be detrimental to the group. I also think we're going to see Tyreese's wife, Sasha. These, again, are just my thinkings. I've not read the graphic novel so I like to speculate.

As the great Samuel L. Jackson said, 'Hold on to your butts' and push play. This extra long trailer is about to blow you away!