Of course, from reading the title, you know it's a love song. Kip Moore does an excellent job of not over doing the theatrics of a love song, though. He keeps it realistic and it actually sounds like something a sweet guy would say to a girl in real life and it's this simple reason why this new song, 'Hey Pretty Girl' is just beautiful.

OKAY I'LL ADMIT IT! I did tear up a little bit....but just a LITTLE BIT!!

Kip Moore does a great job with this new song, 'Hey Pretty Girl', just telling a pretty girl how he feels with nothing but simple truths. It really will have plenty of girl's hearts crying happy tears!

Usually with new music we have to wait for the videos, but not this time!!! See the video and enjoy the song NOW!!! Tell me I'm wrong about tearing up.... you can't after seeing it!