We should have seen this one coming. When you mess with people's money, not to mention share poor customer service attitudes with every customer kind enough to pay their bills, all the while, raising your rates.... people will take to the internet to vent. Check out 'Lower People's Livin''.


In the latest news with LP&L, Lubbock City Council members met with LP&L representatives on Monday during the midst of a protest. Angry Lubbock citizens are demanding to be righted where they are asking to pay for LP&L's computer glitch mistake that caused them to be undercharged last month.

The LP&L board voted last night (Tuesday, 07/23) to 'recover under-charged collected billing' over the next 6 months. What does this mean? It means if you were one of the many who were charged an OUTRAGEOUS bill this past month, the amount that LP&L added to that bill to help make up for what they undercharged you last month, will now be spread out over the next 6 months.

They want their money, but they want you off their back. I'd say keep calling. They still need to address poor customer service representatives.

Back to the video!

It's nothing extremely catchy, but it's amusing that someone would make one at all. Shouldn't surprise us that they did, but anyways! check it out: