'Twas the night before Christmas and all across the country, Netflix subscribers sure were grumpy. Their service had begun to fade and dwindle which left them all upset more than just a little.

Netflix subscribers will be happy to hear that the Christmas Eve Crash of 2012 is over!

Via Twitter, Netflix released an 'official' statement saying:

"Special thanks to our awesome members for being patient. We're back to normal streaming levels. We hope everyone has a great holiday."

The crash started around 3:30pm on Monday due to a technical problem at Amazon.com’s Amazon Web Services, which Netflix uses for its video-streaming functions. If you've been a Netflix subscriber for more than a year then you know that this isn't the first time this year Netflix has crashed in 2012. In fact, 4 times this year, a total of 6 days all together, subscribers have been without service.

Luckily though, service has been restored already and the issue has been resolved!

Rant Alert Below:

I, personally, am EXTREMELY disappointed in the whinny responses Netflix received from users. The hashtag #christmasruined was trending on Twitter due to this issue and that, I have to say, is really, really, REALLY sad.

There are so many people around the world and even right in your own hometown who's Christmas actually was ruined because of worse things than a Netflix outage. The holidays are times to be thankful for your blessings and if a Netflix outage is your ONLY complaint during the Holidays when people are starving, freezing, loosing family members, or even dying themselves, then you need to be THANKFUL, not whining that 'oh no, I have to watch a DVD instead of streaming a Netflix movie'. COME ON PEOPLE! 

Well, that's my daily rant. I really do hope all is well with everyone this December and wish everyone a VERY Happy New Year!