It’s an interesting time of the year as kids are held up to the “Naughty or Nice” standards of Santa Claus. Regardless of a kid’s behavior, a letter to Santa is a kind of insurance that come Christmas morning, the answer to the questions is “Yes”, you were nice.

Here in Lubbock, as it is around the world, kids write their letters with great care and anticipation.

A website dug through old kids’ letters to Santa published in newspapers in 1913, to find out the toys kids wanted the most for Christmas 100 years ago.

The top five are: Candy, nuts, a rocking horse, dolls, and gloves.
The top five THIS year are: The Furby Boom, the Teksta Robotic Puppy, the LeapPad Ultra, the Flying Fairy, and Big Hugs Elmo.

I remember one year all I wanted was a “Toss Across” Target Game. My mother could not find one anywhere and as a child, I thought that Santa thought I was naughty. I was young and didn’t realize that stores run out of things, in my mind there was a perfectly good “Toss Across” game sitting at the North Pole with my name on it.

I did get my coveted game when my birthday rolled around, so all turned out well. But to this day, I still measure my actions against what Santa thinks.

What did you ask Santa for growing up? Did you get your wish?