What a view! This is where I sit at Texas Tech football games. You can see everything from up there. When I say up there, we're so far up that you need field glasses to see the numbers on the jerseys sometimes.


I am the internal p.a. announcer for the press box. I do what the p.a. announcer for the stadium does, only I announce who made the plays and yardage for the media inside the press box.

I sit with the stat crew. These guys are the ones that decide the official yardage on a play and who made the tackle. My announcements may differ than that of the stadium announcer, because they are official.

One thing about being up there, "No Cheering". That is an official no no. You will be asked to leave and escorted out. That goes for folks that may be up there visiting.

If you are caught cheering you will be subjected to a full body pat down and your car will be spray paint with graffiti and loaded with stink bait. No, I'm just kidding, but there's really, no cheering allowed.

The folks there at Tech serve up a great buffett for all the folks of the press before the game. Great food.

It's a great job to have, but it can get a little hectic. It's kind of hard sometimes to announce the ball carrier and yardage gained and who made the tackle when the Red Raiders "Nascar" offense is in gear.

Sometimes I'm announcing all that while the next play is in progress. I have to be quick just like that offense.

But if you ever get a chance to tour the facilities at Jones AT&T Stadium, do. You will find it is one of the best in college football.