So here we are, on Halloween, and you're too big to go Trick or Treating.....yes, you probably are if you have your own computer to be reading this. So what to do, what to do? WATCH SCARY MOVIES!! Check out my Top 5 Must Watch Movies for Halloween Night to get inspired.

Halloween is awesome. What other Holiday gives you an excuse to eat lots of junk, dress up however or like whoever you want, and scare the pants of as many people as possible? None.

So get into the mood tonight and have fun watching some scary flicks!

Check out my list below to get started on ideas:

No. 5- The Exorcist


Admittedly, I couldn't even pronounce 'Exorcist' correctly until like NOW, but that's beside the point! The Exorcist is my possession/religious/Good vs. Evil pick on the countdown. This movie is so creepy it even messed with the actors who played in it! In the movie, a little girl is possessed by what a priest believes to be Satan himself. It's full of bone chilling, mind blowing happenings. If you believe mingling with this kinda stuff opens the door for Satan to get to you, then don't watch this! If not, I highly recommend it for Halloween!

No. 4- Cabin in the Woods


This movie shows up on my Top 5 list as my 'Not Too Scary Halloween Flick' to see. If you've got people who can't keep it together for the 'all too real' scary movies, then this one's a bit toned down. (Also, if those people previously mentioned are girls, this flick has Chris Hemsworth AND Jesse Williams in it. They'll get distracted by devilishly good looks!) This is also the 'Dumb Group of Teens Go Camping Alone' movie, but this movie's got all the demons in it that you could possible think to be in a scary movie!

No. 3- 28 Days Later


I picked this flick to go in the countdown because you can't NOT put a zombie movie in if we're talking scary Halloween movies! It's debatable what you actually would call these killers, though. Technically, they're infected with RAGE. Bottom line of that is that they move faster than traditional 'Night of the Living Dead' zombies which makes the chase even more scary! It follows a character who wakes up 28 days after the epidemic of RAGE sweeps the country. If you enjoy it, there are sequels!

No. 2- Sinister


If you still wanna get dressed up and go out, please don't go steal all of the little kids' Trick or Treating fun! Instead, head to the movie theaters and check out my No. 2 pick- Sinister! It's my 'Newest addition' to the list and it is also another possession movie, but not my Satan. All the possessing in this flick is done by a pagan deity called Bughuul. This is the movie you want to watch if you like the 'jumping' 'heart stopping' scenes! In theaters now....I think you're allowed to wear a costume to the movies....? Don't quote me on that!

No. 1- Halloween


Halloween should ALWAYS be number 1 on ANY Halloween scary movie countdown. 1.) because it's called Halloween and 2.) John Carpenter did it right. Michael Myers is the Boogie Man of MY dreams. As a child, if I was scared of a monster or scared to see if someone was watching me through the crack in my closet, Micheal Myers' face was the image in my head always freezing me up and scaring me motionless under my covers. He is "PURE EVIL" and NEVER dies. No matter how many times he gets shot off of a balcony, stabbed in the chest and face, or even exploded, this guy lives on to keep coming back to haunt you! and that is why this is my Number 1 pick!

Hopefully, this gets you started. Hope everyone has a scary, safe Halloween tonight!