Good nutrition, a more active lifestyle than not, and a good attitude towards it has always worked for anyone else I've ever know who's had a six pack. Hard work is required too, but apparently not everyone thinks so! Look at these unbelievably dumb ways to get 'INSTANT ABS'.

Browsing through Facebook for some interesting information or as some of you call it: Facebook creeping, I found a funny picture. THANKFULLY, like the picture I found, all 3 of these "instant" abs are jokes.....I think.

1. The Imprint

Ab-hancer is a device you strap on and in seconds- you've got a temporary set of abs pressed onto your body to rock while the effects last! (oh brother.)










2. The Insert

This bad baby is something you can count on to NEVER wear off as long as you're wearing it! Insta-Abs! is a revolutionary product you slip on under your favorite muscle Tee and go!

3. The Paint Job

Practice makes perfect...abs that is! So get your best MAC make up together fellas and push play to learn how to 'brush up' the look of your abs! This particular video will help you learn 'The Situation' ab style- a classic! . (good thing this guy is kidding....I think. I really can't tell!)