I had a blast today getting to interview some awesome Texas Country Folk! Kimberly Dunn stopped by to do an in-studio interview and performance and you're going to be glad I saved it for you to hear over and over again!

Kimberly Dunn is an up and coming Texas Country Artist on a radio tour right now and we are very glad she decided to stop by our studio!

In the interview (below) we talked about her journey thus far as a Texas Country Artist and her new single 'Common as the Rain' . We also talked about her work with fellow Texas Country singer, Johnny Cooper, and played a little game of 'This or That'! Kimberly was awesome to work with, all smiles and fun. (and this is supposed to be her work!)

Catch her TONIGHT LIVE at the Blue Light in the Depot District!

We've got the interview below and the music video of her singing 'Movin' On' with Johnny Cooper!