My daughter is enrolled into an after school program at her school that I don't remember having available to me when I was growing up - of course I won't tell you how long ago that was!

It's called Future Problem Solvers - and I think it is an absolutely amazing program that LISD has allowed our children to take part in.  As stated on the organization's website -

The Texas Future Problem Solving Program (FPSP) is an affiliate member of the Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI). Our mission is to teach students critical thinking and creative problem solving processes through competitive and non-competitive instructional programs so they learn to work with others in designing positive futures.  Texas FPSP is an academic, interdisciplinary program that can be incorporated into any content area, an elective course, or be completed as an extra-curricular activity.  The challenging materials and competitive components are designed to motivate students to think creatively and critically.  We like to say, “Texas FPSP teaches students how to think, not what to think.”

The students at my daughter's school are fortunate to have made it to the 2014 Texas FPSP State Bowl will be held April 11-13, 2014 - THIS WEEKEND!

My baby girl will be traveling with 7 of her classmates to Austin to compete and I have to say I'm excited for her and a bit nervous!  And Bri?  Well - she is absolutely beside herself with excitement!

Her teacher - Haley Henry, M.Ed - has been preparing the students for this exciting journey and says -

I could not be more proud of these students for their hard work, both individually and as a team. With this being the first year of Miller Elementary, advancing to the state Future Problem Solvers bowl is a great way to show the rest of our district, as well as others around the state, that we have what it takes to compete at the state level. My hope is that these students will continue to participate in FPS throughout their years in LISD. It is a great program that pushes students to think critically about long term affects of issues in our community.

So GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN baby girl!  Mama is SO PROUD OF YOU and I'm certain you will solve all of the world's problems!