The name Mockingbird Sun isn't a name you might be familiar with, but that's about to change. They stopped by the Bear Studio and blew us away with a little summer time tune of "Sun Drop Girl."

The band is a three part harmony consisting of Charlie Berry, Brett Taylor and Truck Roley. They blend skilled playing with their three part harmony for a refreshing sound that's much needed on the music scene.

They recently opened up for our friends in Thieving Birds at the Blue Light and informed us that they'd be back real soon. Mockingbird Sun's sound is one that needs to be heard and spread far and wide.

It's only a matter of time before these boys become a house hold name and headline shows of their own. For now, they're happy traveling and playing for new fans, especially in Lubbock.

Do yourself the favor of seeing them when they return in a couple months. You can also do yourself the favor of listening to "Sun Drop Girl," below. Pay close attention to Truck as he plays the meanest Tennessee Leg Drum you'll ever see.

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