A hunter's wife and Country Super Star, Miranda Lambert, is about to join her husband on the list of Country Stars who are Celebrity Judges! Little did we expect it's NOT on a singing contest show but a FASHION contest show!


Okay so we've seen her twitter pics where she's sporting her gun, camo, and hats, but seldom do you ever see her looking anything less than a supermodel on the red carpet!

So it's definitely easy to see her guest starring as a judge on 'Project Runway' later on this year! She may be a fan of jeans and flannel, but Miranda's got a fashion sense, too, that secured her spot on the show!

There has not been a date released, yet, specifically when she'll be on, but you can bet we'll post it here for you to seen when it happens!

Miranda is a lady after my own heart! She's the outdoorsy type who's not too good for anyone on a daily basis AND the Country Super Star that fans love her to be! Way to go Miranda! I can't wait to see what you bring to the show!