Miranda Lambert has a sassy lyric video for out for her new song, 'Mama's Broken Heart'. How could we ever expect anything less from a favorite Blake Shelton wife? :)


When the song first came out we told the story of how Kacey Musgraves, along with Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark, were actually the ones to write the hit.

If you missed it, long story short- Miranda ended up begging Kacey for the song because she loved it so much! In the end, Kacey cut her a deal saying she could have it only if she got to sing the harmony part and viola! 'Mama's Broken Heart' was born!

On theboot.com Miranda talks about how glad she is to have the song:

"I'm thankful that she gave it to me because I love 'Mama's Broken Heart.' It's an awesome song, and it's been going really well live, and I plan on making an awesome video for it, as well, so we're really excited."


Well, Miranda, we can't wait to see it!!! Until then, we'll all have to settle for the lyric video: