If you're a Miranda Lambert fan, then you know about her soft spot for animals, especially dogs! So it makes sense that she is now joining with Pedigree to get your help with funding communities for The Pedigree Feeding Project!

LUBBOCK! This could be us!!!!


Miranda is seen below promoting a campaign to help find the next community for The Pedigree Feeding Project, but it is going to be up to the people, that means YOU, to get on and vote for our community in order for this to happen!

Don't just hope the problem of homeless pets goes away because it won't without action from within the community itself.

The Pedigree Feeding Project, should it come here, can help supply our shelters with animals' core food needs giving the shelters those extra funds to improve the quality of life for the animals they care for and improving their chances of adoption!

How cool would it be if we got this program here in Lubbock?!

So log on RIGHT NOW to go on and vote for our community!