Before the music even started playing we all knew an emotional performance was about to unfold. The look on Miranda Lambert's face said it all!

We all know Miranda is a huge animal lover and possibly one of the most down to Earth country artists out there, and that's why we all love her. On Wednesday night she joined her husband, Blake Shelton, at Healing in the Heartland. The concert raised donations for those who were affected by the tornado that hit Moore, OK. The moment she walked on stage her face told the audience just how much this performance truly meant to her.

The music started and the familiar notes of The House That Built Me began. Just hand me the tissues now! So let's admit it now- props to Miranda for making it through that performance! It was a great moment; she sang, we cried but then her tears came. Who could blame her though? Oklahoma obviously has part of her heart and it was a special moment between the fans and her.

Moments like these give me goose bumps. It is so neat to watch an artist and the fans connect over something that means so much to both of them. So thank you, Miranda Lambert, for making country music what it is.  A music that is more than music. It's a tune that connects one heart to another and on rare occasions like this communicates when words just weren't enough.

*****written content courtesy of: Sarah Angell