Mike Leach, the former head football coach at Texas Tech, returns to Lubbock Tuesday night to sign his book "Swing Your Sword: Leading the Charge in Football and Life".


The man who took the Red Raiders to number two in the nation will be at Barnes and Nobles in South Plains Mall beginning at 7pm.

There probably will be a huge crowd because there are still a lot of Leach fans here and still some who feel he was wrongly fired. There will no doubt will be supportive comments.

I was wondering though, what will not be said at the Leach book signing.

1. Gerald Myers is my new bff.
2. "Guns Up"!
3. Adam James and I are facebook friends,
4. We're conducting this signing in a dark closet.
5. I'm dropping the lawsuit against Tech.

You may want to get to the book signing early and needless to say, there will be some dressed as pirates.