A new movie is coming out later this year starring Michelle Williams. You may remember her as Heath Ledger's ex who was inundated by the press following Ledger's unexpected death in 2008. Being an accomplished actress, Williams seriously takes on the role of Marilyn Monroe in "My Week with Marilyn". She tried to gain weight to have Marilyn's curves only to have it backfire and the weight gain ended up in her face rather than hips. So, pads create the voluptuousness of the character. Michelle says she spent six months preparing and learning about the character, how she walked and talked and held her head. In an interview in "Vogue", she opens up about dealing with life without Heath Ledger, "Three years ago, it felt like we didn't have anything, and now my life--out life--has kind of repaired itself. Look, it's not a perfectly operating system, there are holes and dips and electrical storms, but the basics are intact." Look for "My Week with Marilyn" to open November 4. Here's a clip.