About 300 clowns gathered Wednesday in Mexico City hoping to turn things around in the violence-ridden country. The funny guys' slogan, "Clowns for Peace, A World without Violence", was their answer to the number of killings that have taken place during the drug wars. Since Pres. Felipe Calderon has been in power, 2006, according to this site, 40,000 people have died in drug violence! This figure includes gang members, security and police as well as innocent bystanders. So, these professional clowns decided to make a statement during their four-day convention of trading jokes and honing skills like making balloon figures. They laughed,tee-hee-ed, and guffawed for about 15 minutes on the premise that a world with more laughter will have less time for violence. I think most would agree that laughing is better than crying any ol' day!