So what was it like to be on The Voice? How did Danielle feel about singing older songs? And, oh yeah, she's a Texas gal!

Fresh off of The Voice, Danielle Bradbery has America wrapped around her little finger. With her beautiful voice, charming personality and humble outlook on the experience... ok c'mon the girl is adorable. So where did this girl come from?

Born and raised in Cypress, Texas, Bradbery had very little experience performing before she came on The Voice. For those of you who don't know where Cypress is (no worries, I didn't either!) it is northwest of Houston. After some encouragement from her mom, Danielle decided to attend the open audition for The Voice.

I think something we all wondered while watching the show was if Danielle knew the songs she was performing. I mean she is only 16, some of these were a little before her time. In an interview with Rolling Stone she said "Me singing all those old country songs is bringing them back and introducing them to kids who don't know them." Hey, I won't argue that! I'm all about bringing back the good stuff.

So what can we expect from this new artist? Well she has already signed with Big Machine Records who is also Taylor's Swift label. When Danielle began this journey she was singing TSwift's songs, now they share the same label! Danielle is already working on her debut album so we can probably expect to see more of this young artist later this year.

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