When I was a kid - my sister and I would get super excited when our dad would take us to McDonald's - not for the food - but to play on the toys!  DUH!!

My favorite toy to play on was the "hamburger on a stick".  At least that's what I called it.  It was this huge hamburger positioned up on top of this large pole.  You would crawl up the latter that was inside the pole and then get into the hamburger.  That's it.  You would just sit there.  There wasn't a slide or anything fun to do inside the hamburger, you just sat there and looked outside the little barred windows at all of the other kids down below.  My little sister wasn't impressed by this toy - she never came up.  So usually I would take my chicken nuggets and throw them at her while she would yell at me.  What?  We were children!  And I will have you know that I STILL throw chicken nuggets at her even though we are now in our 30's!

Well guess what little sister - right now at McDonald's you can get 40 - 40 - FOURTY - Chicken McNuggets AND a large order of french fries for $9!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!  While most people are asking themselves, "What the hell am I going to do with 40 Chicken McNuggets" - I'm over here making a McSlingShot!  Muahahahahahaha.....

This is not a paid endorsement for McDonald's - this is a warning to the little sister!  Game on sister. Game. On.