For the last year and a half Martina McBride has renewed herself. She's surrounded herself with people she likes and who like her. She signed with Republic Nashville in 2010 and has released two singles that show a newborn singer. The singles, "Teenage Daughters" and "I'm Gonna Love You Through It", are from her album "Eleven" released in October this year. This site reports the secret to her success is getting rid of negativity. "I had some people around me that were very negative. And I could just feel that the belief in me had kind of gone away and that's really hard as an artist to deal with, you know? Everything is looking up since making management changes, "...and everybody that I'm surrounding myself with now is so passionate and excited. That just make you feel, like, renewed, you know? I just feel like I'm starting over in a way." Here's Martina's latest release, which she co-wrote with the Warren brothers, that's bringing a boost not only to her career, but also strength to all those who hear it.