Reddit has the best stories sometimes, I swear. This nice post I came across is blog worthy because it's FINALLY someone in the news for doing something nice! PLUS we've got a Blake Challenge for you inside!

Admittedly, Postal delivery methods can be a little frustrating at times. Seriously. Don't you just hate getting home only to find the package you've been waiting on for 2 weeks was attempted to be dropped off, but all you got was a little yellow slip saying 'We Tried'.

Well, THIS UPS man went above and beyond the challenge and took care of this guy, so the guy took care of him right back! :)

Reddit via tthecchadd

So here's a Blake Challenge for ya: Do something randomly nice for a stranger today and come back here and tell us about it! There might be a nice Blake Prize in it for the person who does the most creative nice deed! ;-)