Josh Abbott Band has FINALLY released their video for 'I'll Sing About Mine'!!!!!! The video features very familiar faces to myself, but it also captures the heart of Idalou and makes us all proud!

I grew up in Idalou, same as Josh Abbott, and I can't tell you how proud I am to see him makin' a big deal out of our little hometown. :) has Josh Abbott Band's new music video featured front and center of their website. (smart people ;D)

It's a video that'll make you smile, even if you're not specifically from Idalou. In Texas, there are so many small rural towns with stories like ours that know exactly what JAB is talking about and is why we ALL have fallen in love with this song!

Believe it or not, YES! Those are Josh's parents kissin' in front of the Dixie Dog drive-in, too! Other awesome faces in the video are ACTUAL students from Idalou FFA, Cheerleading, Football, etc. I'm even pleasantly surprised that Coach Long and Mrs. Bigham are in the video, too! These are all folks I went to school with or were taught by!

Coach Long, Josh Abbott, Mrs. Bigham/


I could go on and on about how cool this video is, but....I AM a little bit biased :)

To Josh Abbott- Thank you for representing our town! This video gives me chill bumps when I watch it and I will show it to everyone I can!!!

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