Starting with the great line, "I can't speak for Donald Trump," Texas Tech linebacker Luke Stice had a great answer to the locker room talk discussion that's been on everyone's minds.

During Texas Tech's weekly press conference, Stice called the Red Raiders a family and says he's there to "maintenance that and make sure there's no negative talk that's going to deteriorate the culture of our team."

There are a lot of reasons to be a college athlete. Recognition on campus. Free-ish school. The thrill of the game. There are also a lot of responsibilities that come along with being a college athlete. Your duties within the team. School work. Maybe the most important one is being a role model.

Most guys don't think about it, but Luke Stice embodies what you look for in a role model.

He plays hard every snap. He leads by example. He encourages his teammates.

Say what you will about the on-field performance of the 3-2 Texas Tech football team, there is a great group of men at Texas Tech that make up this football program.

I'm proud to be a Red Raider.


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