The ACM's will have never looked so attractive as they will when Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton co-host them! Luke Bryan sat down with Chelsea Lately recently and talks about this and more!


Luke and Chelsea are quite blunt in teasing about Blake Shelton's "drinking".

Chelsea Lately, if you didn't know, is considered one of America's, and in my opinion, best female comedian. So since she hosts her own show, it's needless to say that any celebrity that visits enjoys a good laugh!

Luke Bryan and Chelsea talk in this video about his co-host and fellow Country singer, Blake Shelton.

"Blake is never NEVER. He'll lead you down a false road of seriousness, and then just let it out and freak the whole room out."Luke says in the video.

Sounds like a guy after Blake's own heart! Oh dear, I couldn't even begin to imagine the ACM's being hosted by Blake and Blake Shelton! Good thing Luke Bryan is the chosen one!

Check out the video! I wish Luke and Blake would get together and put out an epic duet. What about you?