If you are expecting, or know someone who is, this weekend is a great time to explore the support and care options available at ' Enhancing Doulas;'

Enhancing Doulas has just moved to a new location and are having an open house this weekend.

Throughout their open house this weekend you have an opportunity to win some great packages at their fantastic new space in Security Park at the intersection of Marsha Sharp Fwy, 34th St, and Slide Rd.

The open house is November 5 & 6 from 1-5 pm both days.

Prizes include a complete 'whole enchilada' package, a free class voucher, discounts on services and more.

I wasn't familiar with all of the services available for expectant parents through Enhancing Doulas. It's great to know this level of support is available.

According to a study I found, there is solid evidence to support the benefits of using doula services and having additional support for maternity care.

Research has also shown me that many expectant parents are unsure and feel, as I had, that maybe we aren't supposed to need special care and assistance, for a normal pregnancy, after all people have babies every day.

But, things have changed. My thought is that back in the day, most young parents had generations of family support to lean on. Today, many young parents have moved to take on careers and life away from their family. If you're on your own, and even if you're not, considering another kind of support like a doula could make all the difference for you and your child.