Boleo and I got up extra early this morning to chat with the folks who waited in line for a NES Classic Mini - definitely the "it" item this Christmas season.

The scarcity of the mini gaming system has sent eBay resell prices through the roof, so the only shot at one reasonably priced is to brave the cold.

Since their were only 60 units allotted to the Best Buy in Lubbock, half of the line was sent home as we got there. The store handled it well; everyone in line was given a certificate to buy their item so no one had to rush in to grab their NES Classic. (Although I'm sure after waiting from 9:45 last night, some people rushed to the bathroom.)

I'm patient, so I'll wait until they are easier to come by, which may be months. We asked the crowd what they wanted to play most and the number one answer was Super Mario, of course. As for me, I can't wait to crack back into Castlevania. (Crack because he has a whip - get it? Okay, I'm sorry.)

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