Since December of 2011 a new group has emerged via Facebook in support of all aspects of the music industry in Lubbock. The Lubbock Music Association has been organized and officially approved as a 501-C3 non-profit in the state of Texas. Anyone who has an interest in local music in Lubbock in invited to join the Facebook group , and attend the group's meetings, with one happening tonight beginning at 6:30 at 22nd and ave. X. If you are connected to music in any fashion, club owner/managers, musician, fan or supporter, production, or you just want to help, you are welcome to attend.


Date - 4/23/2012 6:30PM
Place - 22nd and X (look for an old fire station)

1. Welcome greetings
a. T-Shirts Review designs (Bring 'em!)
b. You Tube channel IS READY!! – Dave Martinez
c. LISD update -- Ryan Vasquez
d. Musicians sale and swap meet, we have sponsorship! – Victor
e. Insurance Update – Tina Turner

a. Steering committee for Board of directors
b. Membership
4. Mission Statement and common goals - Steve Cooper and others
5. Status of Lubbock Radio, how it works, can you get played? – Kidd Manning
6. Stubbs Statue/walk of fame – Amy Black Whittle
7. New Talent Showcase – open discussion
8. South Plains College report – Bob Turner and others
9. Calendar/events coordination committee – open discussion

We'll see you there. Be a part of something as big as music in Lubbock, join the Lubbock Music Association.