Jerusalem has it's Wailing Wall, Ireland has the Blarney Stone and now, Lubbock, combines the two with a Kissing Wall. Well, it's now OFFICIALLY a Kissing Wall, but it's an oversized mural of the great Buddy Holly on the outside wall of Texas Discount Furniture at 19th and Buddy Holly Ave in Lubbock's historic Depot District. And some crazed fans have placed their lip-prints on artist L. Burton's painting of Lubbock's native son. Sounds like a unique way to profess your admiration for the man who shaped Rock 'n Roll. Possibly we can start a tradition, a necessary stop for visitors, a "Kissing Wall". Let's spread the rumor that "legend has it that if you kiss the wall, your singing ability will increase ten-fold". Obviously, I haven't kissed it yet.